Keep Taxes in Check

High property taxes are a problem in Brampton. In most Ontario cities, 40% of the tax income is payed by businesses and 60% is payed by homeowners. In Brampton, businesses only contribute 21% of that total, leaving homeowners stuck with the 79% that is left. This is unacceptable. The answer is not to raise taxes on businesses. The answer is to bring more businesses to Brampton. If I am your Mayor, I will do my best to make sure Amazon is the last company to slip through our fingers. Bringing in new business will lower property tax and provide better jobs closer to home for Bramptonians.

How will I get it done?

  • I will not raise property taxes
  • I will audit city finances to find waste, so I can spend your money better – on the problems that affect you the most
  • I will make Brampton an attractive place to do business

Keep our Streets Safe

It is no secret that crime is rising in Brampton. We have seen record breaking numbers of shots fired over the summer, and the city is not doing enough to prevent break-ins, daylight bank robberies, and car theft. As Mayor, I will work closely with the Peel Regional Police to make sure they have the tools they need to get the job done. I do not support carding – I think that close community engagement is the best way to give police the access and the resources they need to get the job done. Working closely with members of the community is the best way to prevent crime.

  • I will bring back community police stations
  • I will lobby the provincial government for more funding for our police force

Attract Business

Brampton has the reputation of a sleeper city. Sixty percent of our population commutes into Toronto or Mississauga every day for work. We can do better than this, Brampton! I will work for you to provide more jobs for students and young adults. I will actively pursue large manufacturers and ask them to open up shop in Brampton, where we have the best workforce available and a close proximity to the airport. We want to build up Brampton as its own city. To do that, we need to bring more jobs to Brampton.

  • Cut red tape for business in Brampton
  • Zone more space for business and stop zoning more subdivisions
  • Create an online progress tracker for permit applications
  • Set firm timelines for permit application response – no more months of waiting!

Clear up Gridlock

Traffic in Brampton is out of control. There is no reason why so many citizens should sit in their cars and wait in traffic each and every day. East-West movement is particularly bad and will be my first priority to fix. As Mayor, I will clear up the congestion that keeps us from doing what we want in our spare time – spending time with family, reading, relaxing, or enjoying the many things Brampton has to offer. I will transform how we move as a city. I will work with the provincial and federal governments to get Bramptonians moving!

What will I do, specifically?

  • Work with the Ontario Government to build Highway 413
  • Bring all day GO service to Brampton
  • Get LRT on Main, as it was planned
  • Connect rapid transit to Vaughan subway and the Airport

Unify and Connect

Brampton has long suffered from divisiveness on city council and a weak connection with the provincial government. I promise to lead a council with respect and proper guidance. My councillors will be seen as my equals on council, and I will honour their positions as democratically-elected speakers for the wards they represent. No more council dysfunction. No more blame. I will also build a better relationship with the province. I can work with Doug Ford to bring money into Brampton for transit, healthcare, and recreational facilities.

  • Brampton needs transparency, that’s why I will appoint a city-wide Auditor General
  • I will sit down with the Ontario and federal governments to get results for Brampton
  • Think outside the box to find innovative solutions to Brampton’s problems